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Transfer financial data automatically from the subscription management system billwerk to Dynamics 365

More and more companies decide to offer their products with license models on a subscription basis. In order to ensure smooth transactions with both payment providers and subscribers, a reliable subscription management solution is essential.

We work for example with the Frankfurt-based billwerk GmbH for the administration of our subscriptions, the automation of our subscription invoices as well as the handling of payments – and we also recommend them to our customers. billwerk is an all-in-one solution for subscription management and recurring billing and payment. The open platform meets European standards according to EU-DSGVO and GoBD and offers integrations to the most important payment providers.

In order to optimize the workflow of data transfer from billwerk to Dynamics 365, we have developed the SMIT billwerkConnector for Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the help of this interface, the financial data managed in billwerk are imported easily, quickly and securely into the financial accounting in Dynamics 365 – without manual data export and subsequent postings in the ERP system. The SMIT billwerkConnector automatically transfers all customer data, booking journals and invoice data to the Dynamics 365 system. This means that all data required for the monthly and annual financial statements is available in Dynamics 365 completely.

The SMIT billwerkConnector offers you

  • Automated transfer of all tax-relevant financial data from billwerk to Dynamics 365
  • Transfer of customer data to the Dynamics 365 system
  • Transfer of booking journals
  • Transfer of invoices
  • Assignment of billwerk posting data SKR-independent to individual accounts, so that e.g. individual products can be split up into different accounts