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Banking transactions directly from Microsoft Dynamics AX

SMIT OnlineBanking is the fully integrated banking solution for Dynamics AX, developed by us. The online banking module allows companies to make their payments directly and securely from the Dynamics AX system.

Transactions such as SEPA or international bank transfers can be made as individual or collective transfers in Dynamics AX, and account balances as well as turnovers are also directly retrievable.

Use of SMIT OnlineBanking significantly reduces investments in personnel and time for banking activities. In addition to these cost savings, potential sources of error can also be eliminated.

Extensive management and security functions in the administration form ensure excellent protection of your data privacy. Confidential information is stored in encrypted form and safeguarded by the integrated user authorization system.

SMIT OnlineBanking offers you

  • HBCI and FinTS online banking directly from the payment entry
  • Supports all standard payment methods and authentication standards (classic PIN/TAN procedure, iTAN, mobileTAN, optical TAN generators, HBCI chip cards and readers)
  • Simple transfer of externally generated DTAUS files and direct booking of payments with or without individual listing, depending on the booking key (salary payments etc.)
  • Use of all standard security options: PIN/TAN, chip card or key file; including with the two-step procedure or multiple signature
  • Transfer of financial payments messaging data can be made according to EBICS
  • Reduction of costs by minimizing the work steps
  • Protection of data via comprehensive security features