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First-class creation, adaptation and management of test cases for optimal testing

Testing is not only a decisive factor for the quality of software implementations or software adaptations. Especially for companies in a validated environment, the execution and documentation of tests is a question of survival. Every single process must be tested with every software implementation, every release change and every hotfix installation. An immense, but absolutely necessary effort, because incomplete or faulty tests make approvals by the supervisory authorities impossible.

At the heart of software testing are logical test cases. The higher their quality and the better their creation and management are organized, the easier and faster you can achieve reliable test results – and thus better software.

This is exactly where the SMIT TestCaseHub supports you: Sven Mahn IT’s newly developed extension for Azure DevOps allows you to create highest-quality test cases, adapt them with minimum effort and manage them securely and clearly. You can import and edit test cases from the SMIT TestKit Marketplace as well as legacy data from other tools or Excel lists using XML. And of course, you can create your own test cases in the SMIT TestCaseHub. For test execution, the test cases are converted to Azure DevOps standard test cases.

Optimal creation

The SMIT TestCaseHub provides a unified, binding structure for test cases. With the help of this structure, the test cases are composed of single test steps, so that a high level of detail is achieved. Each test step is described according to the PIPO principle – i.e. with specification of precondition, input, postcondition and output. Input and output are illustrated with scalable screenshots.

The structure guides you step by step through the test case creation process. This ensures a consistent, high level of quality across all test cases and independent from the test case creators.

Individual test steps can be reused in various test cases, which significantly reduces the test case creation effort.

The optional use of the workflow offered in Azure DevOps for the creation, review and release process can even increase the quality level. If you use this workflow, all process participants always have an exact overview of the current status of each test case. This provides sustainable support for collaboration and team communication.

Optimal management

The SMIT TestCaseHub serves as the central administration tool for the completed test cases. Self-created or purchased test cases are stored in a tree view with search function, preview and drag-and-drop sorting. Here you can manage them in a well-structured manner and adapt them easily. Duplicate test cases, create variants or modify test cases step-by-step. The automatic assignment of unique ID numbers thereby ensures maximum security. You can also conveniently create individual trees view nodes.

Once the work on the test cases is completed, they are converted to Azure DevOps standard test cases. The layout of the test cases, the test steps according to the PIPO principle including scalable screenshots, as well as all additional information are preserved during the conversion and thus available for test execution.

Your test case management benefits significantly from the fact that the SMIT TestCaseHub is fully integrated in Azure DevOps. The tree view nodes in the SMIT TestCaseHub interact with the work items and the pipelines in Azure DevOps. This does not only make the management of test cases flexible and extremely convenient. Even the test area in Azure DevOps itself is optimized and offers improved testing capabilities, for example through the automatic generation of test plans and static test suites from self-defined nodes.

Optimal cost control

The license fee for the SMIT TestCaseHub is €9.00 per user/per month. There are no additional costs beyond this monthly fee. No initial investments in software licenses are necessary, nor are there any entry fees or basic fees. The license can be cancelled monthly.

Customers who have licensed the SMIT TestKit for Microsoft Dynamics use the SMIT TestCaseHub free of charge.

The SMIT TestCaseHub offers you

  • Test case repository
  • Import of test cases from the SMIT TestKit Marketplace and from XML files
  • Consistent creation of high-quality logical test cases
  • Systematic test case structure according to PIPO principle with a high level of detail
  • Simple test case adaptation
  • Clear and secure management of test cases
  • Full integration in Azure DevOps
  • Usual test execution in Azure DevOps
  • Optimization of the Azure DevOps test area
  • Optimal testing and accelerated software development