Innovative solution concepts

Continuous economic change and technological progress on the one hand and growing customer demands on the other create new challenges for the processes in your company. Due to our extensive experience structuring and optimizing business processes, we can give the best advice in matters such as these.

Our Dynamics expertise and profound industry knowledge as well as solid communication skills distinguish us as partners, giving us a thorough understanding of the issues in order to efficiently come up with innovative solutions in close cooperation with you.

Maximum benefit

Our experienced consultants analyze your processes, structures and data and ensure that they are optimally mapped in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management or Dynamics AX. We get the most out of your Dynamics solution for you and point out any opportunities – regardless of whether you want to implement Dynamics or are already using it.

Therefore, you benefit from the comprehensive ERP functionalities and can be sure you are getting a Dynamics system optimally tailored to meet your needs.

Seamless cloud connectivity

The question of whether to use the cloud is very topical in the field of ERP implementation today. We provide you support with this sensitive matter as well. After all, since the ERP system is the control center of your company’s nervous system, there will inevitably be connections to one or more cloud solutions.

This increase in complexity due to different operational concepts requires intensive consideration of the cross-system processes, preferably before implementation. We focus especially on ensuring seamless connection of existing solutions and those to be newly implemented with the cloud.


Comprehensive requirements analysis is needed to ensure optimum implementation or adaptation of existing Dynamics systems. Therefore, we analyze your IT infrastructure and your business operations at the beginning of the implementation process to develop a tailor-made Dynamics system on this basis.

Process optimization

In order to draw the greatest possible benefit from your Dynamics system, you may require process optimization. We examine your processes critically and advise you on the efficient planning of new workflows. We then implement our findings into your system.


A good ERP system is characterized not only by extensive functions, but above all by a good design. We take care of system design for you, with the aim of achieving maximum clarity and usability, thus making the system more intuitive. This ensures high user acceptance, makes dealing with Dynamics easier on your employees and thus increases the efficiency of your system.


The economic and technical requirements of your business processes are constantly changing. We offer you an efficient and cost-effective adaptation of your existing Dynamics system to the current needs of your business, to ensure that you are always provided with optimal support.

We offer you

  • Comprehensive ERP, system and process consulting
  • Support and advice in implementing of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Dynamics AX
  • Efficiently mapping your business processes in Dynamics
  • Migrating from third-party systems in Dynamics, including all the data and processes
  • Gentle transfer of live systems and entire processes into a new Dynamics environment
  • Creating and optimizing the user authorization concept

We would of course also be happy to advise you on our products.