Buss Group GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Jan Brockmöller, CFO

“We are very satisfied with the result achieved. Especially considering our ambitious schedule, with the technology used, Sven Mahn IT was the only contractor able to guarantee a go-live on the desired deadline. In addition to the convincing portfolio, we found the cooperation very constructive thanks to the competent personnel and look forward to a successful continuation.”

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Logo Oatly

Oatly AB, Malmö, Sweden

John Hernan, Global Test Manager

“I never knew such a product like SMIT TestKit existed, it is the “holy grail” of test preparation. Goodness I wish I knew about this before as I have been in quite a few implementations that they have had to create all of their test cases from scratch at quite a considerable cost.”

Logo trainvac

Trainvac GmbH (formerly Sanivac GmbH), Wedel

Annett Kugel, Finance Manager

“From the very beginning, we wanted to introduce a system that would fully support us in meeting the requirements of our customers, and not start with a compromise. Even if we don’t need all the functionalities today, we are well prepared for the future. With Sven Mahn IT we have a competent partner in this regard, with whom we were able to configure the first necessary modules in the shortest possible time. Learning by doing at its best.”

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Logo Görtz

Ludwig Görtz GmbH, Hamburg

Stephan Tendam, CEO

“I am sure that without the SMIT TestKit and without the experienced test case creators of Sven Mahn IT it would not have been possible to achieve this number and quality of tests in such a short time. Both saved us work, time and further postponements in the go-live. We already used the SMIT TestKit successfully in the previous project phase, but the personnel support made the offer perfect for us. Testing is not only a necessary evil; it sometimes seems like a torture, but the positive result of the transition is a result of the intensive testing.”

Logo Görtz

Ludwig Görtz GmbH, Hamburg

Matthias Probst, Head of IT

“Görtz uses the TestKit as templates to reduce the test preparation to about 30% of the actual expenditure. We are pleased to have also been able, in cooperation with SMIT, to provide this TestKit to non-SMIT consultants, who will thus be capable of quickly and completely developing test scripts. This not only provides a preparation advantage but also highlights acceptance by key users to accompany the tests from the outset. This in turn helps us identify functional deficits earlier on in the project and reduce training costs. In other words, a win-win situation. These are the tools that we are looking for.”

Hans Laukien GmbH, Kiel

Klaus Epperlein, CEO

“Two attempts to migrate our Axapta-System to a later version with big Microsoft Dynamics-Partners were in vain. With transferring the project to Sven Mahn IT we finally succeeded in time and in budget. Beside the professional project work we appreciated the cooperative and fair team work with the staff of Sven Mahn IT.”

Logo Haba

Habermaaß GmbH, Bad Rodach

Roland Wimmer, CIO

“We were looking for a locomotive for our project which at that point had taken four years. With Sven Mahn and SMIT we found a whole train to carry us. I am confident, that it was only possible with them to go live with AX 2012.”

Logo Sonovision

Sonovision Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg

Heike Esch, Controller

“When a system has already been installed for a relatively long time and you are looking for competent support, you are happy to find a dedicated software company that can deal with what it finds as well as patiently and meticulously familiarize itself with the installation history’s mindset and approach. We have found just such a partner in Sven Mahn IT. Whether it’s a matter of implementing special requests and evaluations or the small problems of everyday working life – at Sven Mahn IT we feel in good hands and well looked.”

Mirion Technologies (MGPI H&B) GmbH, Munich

Thomas Wörle, Commercial Manager

“Thanks to the very high level of commitment to the work and the particularly high qualifications of Sven Mahn IT project members, this very essential project area was successfully organized, despite considerable time pressure and the short familiarization period. I would also like to mention the very good, unconditional and open cooperation with other consultants in order to identify and avoid potential interface problems early on. We can definitely recommend Sven Mahn IT GmbH & Co. KG.”