Successful implementation projects

The implementation of a new ERP system is a mammoth task for any company. Only in the rarest of cases can the project participants can draw on their own experience, not to speak of being accustomed to dealing with the relevant issues. Given the risks involved with implementation projects, suitable support is of crucial importance for the success of the project.

Due to our many years of multifaceted experience from various national and international projects, we can offer a broad range of specialist knowledge and a high level of expertise. We leverage this know-how to help you with implementations and other projects relating to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Dynamics AX. Upon request, we also take over the entire project management – from project leadership and coordination to project controlling.

Maximum transparency and control

In addition to lack of transparency and communication, insufficient target definitions are the main cause for the failure of ERP implementation projects. That is why we attach great importance to elaborating precise targets and establishing compulsory milestones with you at the beginning of the project work. This also includes the definition of project organization, documentation, control and communication. In this way, risks can be identified early on in the course of the project and costs can be minimized.

We implement Dynamics according to agile and with decreasing tendency according to waterfall methods – depending on product and project conditions as well as preference of our customers.

Cloud-oriented implementation

Strict compliance with the project methodology is particularly important when implementing cloud-powered systems, because the use of the cloud always implies a significant increase in complexity.

Several cloud service providers are generally involved, each of them bringing along their own service level agreements and often offering different connecting points. All partners must be optimally integrated and kept procedurally synchronized.

Quality assurance

As part of project management, we support, analyze and monitor all project processes to ensure the achievement of the desired project objective. Quality planning and assurance methods optimize all processes in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, maintainability, sustainability and cost. There is also continuous adaptation to the reality of the project.


Once the functionality and performance of the system have been verified through extensive testing, go-live is initiated. As we work closely together with you, your employees are introduced to the Dynamics solution early on and are therefore already familiar with using the system after launching.

Test optimization

Testing is a crucial aspect of providing quality assurance for the implementation project. To reduce the effort and expenditure required for the extremely time- and labor-intensive testing phase while ensuring the maximum quality of tests, we have developed an innovative product: The SMIT TestKit for Microsoft Dynamics is a collection of logical test cases for standard processes in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Dynamics AX. Implementation projects can be significantly accelerated and optimized in terms of quality on this basis.

SMIT TestKit

We offer you

  • Project planning and consulting in the Dynamics environment from a single source
  • Planning and support with implementing and migrating of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management and Dynamics AX
  • Consistent and transparent project support or complete takeover of project management, coordination and controlling
  • Project execution according to the latest implementation and project methodologies

Benefit directly from our implementation experience

Download our white paper “Zwölf Faktoren, die ERP-Projekte scheitern lassen – und zwölf Lösungsansätze, das Scheitern zu verhindern” and find how to eliminate the risks that prevent successful implementation.