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Get well prepared, certified and highly motivated for your Microsoft Dynamics system

One of the decisive keys for the successful introduction of a new ERP solution is the optimal user preparation for the future system as well as for the new processes, thus securing their acceptance. Our experience shows: No matter how well you plan and implement the Dynamics rollout – if users are not familiar with the concepts, functionalities, interfaces and usages at the go-live or reject the system and the inevitably associated temporary additional effort, it will not go into operation smoothly.

With the SMIT GetFitKit for Microsoft Dynamics you get your employees and all other future users of the new Dynamics system on board comprehensively and above all at an early stage. This way you start into the new ERP world optimally prepared and with the highest motivation.

The SMIT GetFitKit is an education solution for the creation and execution of trainings and certifications directly in your system. It consists of training material in the form of videos and webcasts, a learning sandbox and a Dynamics module with a two-stage certification with theoretical and practical exams as well as an area for course management and certification handling.

The SMIT GetFitKit includes


  • Standard training material
    Training videos
    Questionnaires for theoretical exams
    Examination tasks for practical exams


  • SMIT GetFitKit Dynamics Module
    Examination/certification engine
    Productive system activation
    Course management
    Training reporting


  • Support in process definition and grouping
  • Creation of individual training material
    Introductory webcast
    Training videos
    Additional written training material
  • Creation of examination material
    Questionnaires for theoretical exams
    Recording of practical exams
  • Creation of training plan
  • Setting up the Dynamics Sandbox environment
  • Support with importing the examination material

Educate comprehensively in theory and practice

The future users will be introduced to Dynamics and the training process through a webcast. Subsequently, training videos, in which process flows and working methods in the new system are taught, are at their disposal. The short videos, one for each process to be trained, can be viewed in a defined time frame according to individual time scheduling and, if required, multiple times. This enables the users to harmonize the training with their daily work.

Each training participant is provided with the videos from the video library that are relevant to their role. At the same time, they gain access to a sandbox system. This training environment is an image of your Dynamics system and is available for self-training of the workflows.

During the entire video training and sandbox phase, daily webcasts provide the opportunity to exchange information and answer questions.

Once the user has consumed all the videos and optionally other training materials, the theory behind the lessons is examined with multiple-choice questionnaires.

After passing the theoretical tests, they are admitted to the practical exams held in the sandbox environment. The candidates receive specific work instructions for each learned process and have to complete these tasks in order to successfully pass the practical part of the certification.

SMIT GetFitKit practical exam

Train directly in the system

Not only the exams, but also the entire training administration, i.e. the access to the course content, the examination process and certification, is integrated in the Dynamics sandbox. Consequently, the future users are consistently exposed to the system to be learned.

In addition, the roles and rights concept planned for the productive system is already experienced. After certification, the training participant is authorized for the productive system and able to start working directly.

GetFitKit graphic

The course management in Dynamics makes the status of the training, the progress and the learners’ exam results transparent. This way you are informed about the state of affairs as well as able to recognize whether individual processes were learned quickly or if they posed any challenges to the users. Your Dynamics implementation can benefit from this feedback.

SMIT GetFitKit course management

For your course manager, the SMIT GetFitKit also means a considerable reduction in workload beyond the transparency of the course: The organizational effort is minimal and the questionnaires as well as the tasks for the practical examinations can be uploaded and assigned to the roles easily. It further automatically ensures that employees with multiple roles are not assigned overlapping training materials and practical exams more than once.

Qualify early and sustainably

The contents of the first webcast and the training videos are created individually for your Dynamics system. Whether you largely use standard processes or your Dynamics is highly adapted – the videos show your workflows and your user interface exactly. This contributes significantly to the success of the training.

The production of the training videos starts parallel to the test case creation for the user acceptance tests. This ensures that they are available on time. Depending on your approach, both processes can be closely interlinked. If you use the SMIT TestKit – our collection of logical test cases for standard processes in Dynamics – you benefit from considerable synergies.

The SMIT GetFitKit not only supports you in preparing your users before go-live. A permanently available training environment brings you considerable advantages during operation as well. Thus, you can train and certify new employees or users whose roles have changed. You can also react quickly in the event of changes in your Dynamics system: If processes have been modified or new functionalities are available, videos, examination tasks and other materials can be adapted or, if necessary, recreated promptly and without great effort. In addition, you can refresh and test the know-how of the users at regular intervals. Beyond that, your Dynamics users have permanent access to the training materials relevant to them for reference.

The SMIT GetFitKit offers you

  • Role-based training and certification system
  • Individual support via webcasts
  • Flexible learning through video self-education
  • Independent training in a Dynamics sandbox environment
  • Two-stage certification in theory and practice
  • Simple and convenient course management and certification handling with SMIT GetFitKit Dynamics Module
  • Transparency of the training process and success
  • Automatic activation of the user in the productive system after successful certification
  • Optimal professional preparation and motivation of future users
  • Significant reduction of user errors at the beginning of and during operation
  • Cost savings due to fast onboarding and low error rate of the users
  • Supports mass trainings and certifications
  • If required: Permanently available training environment also during operation

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