The next generation process management platform

ADONIS NP is the comprehensive software suite for controlling, setting up and optimizing your company’s business processes and structures. Intuitive process modeling in ADONIS NP lets you create your process landscape, design and document current and future process sequences and determine responsibilities within the organization. This lets you maximize transparency throughout the entire value chain.

ADONIS NP is therefore the ideal support for the quality, audit, compliance management and data protection management according to GDPR, for the continual improvement process and action management as well as for an integrated internal control system and risk management.

The platform offers powerful analysis functions that enable businesses to recognize potential for improvements in their processes. Scenario simulation provides a basis for well-founded decision-making and for reaching the optimal solutions. With ADONIS NP, process performance is also constantly evaluated and can thus be continually controlled and optimized.

ADONIS NP is simple and intuitive to operate, and as a web-based solution, is individually scalable.

Process documentation for Dynamics

In Dynamics projects, ADONIS NP is a proven tool for requirements analysis as part of the introduction. Systematic and complete mapping of the actual processes and a definition of the target processes are an indispensable prerequisite for successful implementation as well as an important basis for change management. Here we have obtained the best experiences in our projects using ADONIS NP.

Processes can not only be documented in this way but can also be enriched with information that may then also flow into the requirements and implementation documentation.

If you use Azure DevOps, the individual processes can be directly linked with the implementations. This offers significant advantages, not only in the implementation of the requirements but also for change management. If a business process is altered, it is quick and easy to detect which system and program elements will be affected. If however features or functionalities change, it will be transparent as to the processes that can be affected by this.

ADONIS NP offers you

  • Modeling, analysis and publication of business processes
  • Unlimited BPMN support
  • Support for the governance of legal framework conditions (COSO, SOX, Basel, Solvency, EFQM, ISO etc.)
  • Process excellence approaches (Lean, TQM, Six Sigma etc.)
  • Management dashboards to visualize status, performance and the need for action
  • Support for requirements and change management for Dynamics implementation and operation