At top speed to a Dynamics 365 accounting system ready for financial postings

ERP implementation projects usually start with the setup of financial accounting as the essential business core of any ERP application. Due to legal circumstances, e.g. standard charts of accounts (SKR) in the DACH region, the setup of the financial accounting module is in our experience 90 % congruent for companies. It is therefore difficult to understand why financial accounting consultants spend hours on each start of a Dynamics 365 project to carry this out individually.

With the Azure DevOps extension SMIT RapidKit this task is done with one click: Preconfigured Dynamics 365 instances, which can be run immediately, are used to initially set up a bookable accounting company with standard chart of accounts in minutes. The automatic setup of your financial accounting project via SKR templates frees your consultants from all redundant tasks so that they can focus on the individual requirements of your company. And you can rest assured that the basic configuration steps have been completed completely and without errors.

The all-round optimal project start

The SMIT RapidKit offers you the ideal opportunity to perform a comprehensive and efficient proof of concept. Evaluate the feasibility of a Dynamics 365 implementation for your company using a real system that you have created with minimal time and effort with your operational data and processes. And if you decide to implement after a successful PoC, a large part of the first project step has been done: the financial accounting system is already largely set up.

A further task at the project start is the setup of the related Azure DevOps structure. This collaborative development platform has become indispensable for the implementation of Dynamics 365. Just like the implementation itself, the Azure DevOps project template for financial accounting is largely identical for all companies and is set up automatically with the SMIT RapidKit. That way you receive – with the same click – your Azure DevOps project including content such as epics, features as well as stories that describe the configuration and are already linked to predefined test cases.

With the provided high-quality, structured test cases from our SMIT TestKit you can directly and reliably check the imported finance functionalities – either manually or quickly automated. This ensures that the basic configuration is loaded.

Start even more conveniently

If you are just beginning with the Dynamics 365 system, we support you to set up your Dynamics 365 system with the SMIT RapidKit so you can start right away.

We offer you the test cases for the financial accounting. If needed, we can provide you a whole range of test cases from the SMIT TestKit, or we take over the test case creation for your individual processes. Furthermore, we are at your side with support for the SMIT RapidKit.

The SMIT RapidKit offers you

  • One click setup instead of manual configuration
  • Fast and secure setup of the financial accounting system to start Dynamics 365 projects
  • Fast, efficient and comprehensive proof of concept
  • Automatic setup of Azure DevOps structures
  • Provision of the related test cases