Deploy Dynamics 365 systems and keep them up to date at the push of a button

At the start of a new Dynamcis 365 project as well as during the project progression and throughout the entire lifetime of the system, time-consuming, redundant configuration tasks arise again and again: The same parameterization and localization of the configuration has to be set up and distributed manually continuously. Or an automatism must be created for each new project to take over this duplication task.

This is where the SMIT ConfigBridge provides immense relief: The Azure DevOps extension offers preconfigured systems that provides a financial configuration in minutes. This saves you valuable time not only when starting your project. You also transfer your own, company-specific configurations to new systems or additional companies quickly and easily using the SMIT ConfigBridge.

Transfer configurations automatically

With the SMIT ConfigBridge, using preconfigured Dynamics 365 entities, data can be exported fully automatically from existing companies and imported into new environments. Thus, you can rapidly and easily duplicate your Golden Configuration and transfer it to new systems and/or additional companies. So, the SMIT ConfigBridge accelerates your entire configuration and release management.

It supports your team in many recurring configuration tasks: The operability of the basic configuration as well as the approved own configurations are quickly checked after the regular Dynamics updates.

Development systems are safely re-set or restored. And it can be ensured that the same system setup is available on all machines, from development to UAT, right from the start of the project.

SMIT ConfigBridge

The SMIT ConfigBridge offers you

  • One click configuration instead of manual or self-automated setting up or deploying of configurations
  • Quick verification of the executability of configurations according to Dynamics PUs
  • Acceleration of configuration and implementation management
  • Support of release and test management across multiple instances