Comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics development services

A functioning, future-proof ERP system is one of the key components for your company’s operational efficiency. We adapt Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management or Dynamics AX to meet the new and ever more complex demands that economic change, increasing globalization and technological progress put on your business processes.

We take care of all development services in Dynamics – ranging from minor standard adjustments to a completely new development. Apart from the actual development service, this includes a comprehensive problem and requirements analysis as well as detailed design and consultation by our experienced Dynamics developers.

Development made to measure

Profound analysis and testing of your processes allow us to elaborate – in close cooperation with you – a Dynamics solution specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs. This comprehensive and sound planning creates the conditions for keeping our development work as lean as possible.

In addition, the fact that Dynamics is based on best practices from many industries and a wide range of expertise, allows us to keep the cost of customized adaptations to a minimum. The total cost of ownership and the cost of subsequent updates can therefore be significantly reduced.

Development for the cloud

The use of Dynamics in the cloud places special demands on development. It is therefore essential that all developments meet the current performance guidelines and that best practices are strictly adhered to. And the following is particularly true for the cloud: Standards take precedence over development.

Our cloud-savvy developers pay special attention to interface programming, as they are much more complex than purely on-premises systems. Interfaces are extremely important, especially considering our commitment to seamlessly connecting our customers’ systems to the cloud.

Code review

To ensure the quality of our development work, we review the entire code systematically and with the utmost care for any errors, ambiguities and other faults. The generated information is then implemented directly in the code, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of your software.

Second opinion

In addition to the code reviews, we also perform second opinion assessments on implementation services. In doing so, the implemented ERP software is analyzed for meeting requirements and usability as well as simplification and expansion options, and the results are documented. This allows any errors or deviations from the standards to be identified in advance and avoided in future projects.

Interface development

We develop all the interfaces required to connect your external systems to Dynamics. Doing so allows us to ensure both the asynchronous and synchronous exchange of information, as well as the seamless integration of your ERP infrastructure with the internal and external world by means of custom-tailored solutions. For complex system landscapes, we develop enterprise-bus systems together with you or rely on solutions such as BizTalk.

Performance analysis

In the event of existing or impending performance problems, we support you by analyzing your hardware configuration, the software configuration of SQL Server and Dynamics as well as the Dynamics adaptations. Leveraging the latest analytical tools and the experience of our developers, we find solutions to performance problems, thereby providing the basis for ensuring that your business processes are optimally supported and user satisfaction is restored.

We offer you

  • Customized adaptations of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Dynamics AX
  • Programming in Dynamics from versions Dynamics AX 3.0 through AX 2009 and 2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management
  • Customized X++- and .NET development
  • Interfaces to and from Dynamics (BizTalk, AIF, Web Services, Power Automate, Power Apps etc.)
  • Customer and industry-specific reports and analyses (reporting services and integrated reporting)