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When implementing ERP solutions using agile methods, continuous testing is essential in every sprint. The early existence of the test cases is thus of crucial importance. Ideally, those are already available at the start of the project for comparing the standard processes with the business processes. So, the project backlog could be filled test-driven.

However, this is rarely the case: The personnel- and time-intensive test case determination is usually not completed before the beginning of the first sprint, which significantly extends the implementation process. In order to prevent this while ensuring the maximum quality of the tests and the entire implementation project, we have developed the SMIT TestKit for Microsoft Dynamics.

This collection of logical test cases for the standard processes in Dynamics builds the basis for testing in implementation projects or when extending existing Dynamics system.

See here how the SMIT TestKit optimizes the entire testing:

The video is started with one click and data is transferred to the provider (YouTube).

With the SMIT TestKit, companies document their test planning and execution as well as the test results. It thus offers ideal support for the entire test management and the validation of GMP-compliant processes.

Our product for test optimization and quality assurance

The SMIT TestKit includes more than 2,800 test cases, with which the business processes mapped in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Dynamics AX can be tested that are relevant for medium-sized and large companies.

The test cases are the foundation for all functional, integration and system testing of the implementation process as well as for regression tests during operation. Customers complete and multiply them with their specific data and can directly test their systems, which are based on Dynamics standard processes. If the processes used deviate from the standard, the test cases can easily be adapted accordingly.

We continuously provide new and updated test cases on the SMIT TestKit Marketplace so that you are well prepared for changes to the Dynamics processes through continuous updates. Microsoft’s new evergreening concept also makes regular regression tests mandatory – another argument in favor of the SMIT TestKit.

You access the test cases via the SMIT TestCaseHub. This extension for Azure DevOps for test case creation and test case management imports directly from the SMIT TestKit Marketplace. In the SMIT TestCaseHub you can comfortably edit test cases and store them clearly. After conversion into Azure DevOps standard test cases, the high-quality SMIT TestKit test cases are available for your usual test execution.

If you do not use Azure DevOps for your implementation projects, there is the possibility that you may alternatively receive the test cases as a document.

We offer the SMIT TestKit as a subscription for €2,000.00 per month. This gives you unlimited access to all test cases and includes the SMIT TestCaseHub for free.

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Implement better

The SMIT TestKit considerably reduces the implementation team’s workload: The test case determination for the standard processes is omitted, which is not only extremely time-consuming, but also represents a great challenge for the frequently inexperienced test case creators. It is often only carried out parallel to development – too late for agile implementation. The provision of test cases makes it possible to specify them right from the start of the first sprint and then test the developments directly.

The SMIT TestKit therefore ensures early and continuous quality assurance.

In addition, the SMIT TestKit offers significant optimization potential already in the analysis phase. Based on the test cases, you can easily align your business processes with the Dynamics processes and create the requirements in a structured and systematic way.

Without SMIT TestKit for Microsoft Dynamics

Graphic TestKit SMIT 1

With SMIT TestKit for Microsoft Dynamics

Graphic SMIT TestKit 2

Project methodology for agile Dynamics implementation without and with SMIT TestKit in comparison

Start faster

If the test cases are not available at the beginning of design and development, either the complete implementation process is postponed or it must be started without test cases, which would lead to a considerably higher time expenditure for testing in the sprints. The SMIT TestKit reduces this testing effort, resulting in shorter sprints and/or increased story points completed. This reduces the duration of the implementation project and the Dynamics system can be put into operation faster.

Benefit from the highest quality

The SMIT TestKit allows customers to benefit from the profound system know-how and longstanding implementation experience of our Dynamics experts. The particularly incremental test cases developed competently according to the PIPO principle (specification of precondition, input, postcondition and output), ensure maximum test quality and most reliable results. They thus lay the foundation for a virtually error-free and qualitatively optimal system.

Due to their granular details, the test cases can additionally be used as documentation or training material for ramping up users in the functions and processes in Dynamics.

The SMIT TestKit offers you

  • Logical test cases as basis for testing in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as well as Dynamics AX implementation projects
  • Access to the test cases via Azure DevOps extension SMIT TestCaseHub
  • Documentation of test planning and execution as well as test results
  • Ideal support for the entire test management and validation of GMP-compliant processes
  • Dramatic reduction of time and personnel costs for implementation
  • Early and ongoing quality assurance
  • Significantly shorter test phases and faster operational start
  • Comprehensive, complete and high-quality tests
  • Highly reliable test results
  • Ensures maximum quality of the system
  • Ready for continuous updates of Dynamics

More information can be found in our product flyer as well as in the SMIT TestKit FAQ.